Jon + Kaitlyn

Tuesday, May 3

Just one look and you’ll know why Kaitlyn and Jon made this photoshoot ridiculously easy.  Within 5 minutes I had 20 amazing images and I wondered how it could get any more adorable.  We started at Bachelor Cafe in the North Loop and then stopped by the new apartments which overlook Target Field.  From there we More…

A Letter to My Younger Self

Monday, July 27

  I love gleaming advice and insight from those that have walked the path before me.  Whether I am hearing about things they are glad they did with their families or things they regretted, it helps me evaluated what is important right now.  I initially thought of doing a shoot where the mom gives advice More…

London Senior Shoot

Monday, May 12

If you’re in high school and you LOVE London then I only see one option.  Head to London!  This Minnesota girl will steal your heart.


Monday, June 3

We are thrilled that you want to contact us. We get excited with each new client and can’t wait to hear what your STORY! Please understand we generally have weddings on the weekends. We will get return your email as soon as we can. We want to create beautiful friendships with swell folks like yourself.

We’re All a Little Naughty.

Sunday, August 29

Stock up on cards.  But not just any cards… Naughty Betty not only offers a fun “Oh someone sent me a card!” reaction, it also will give the receiver a laugh.  Check out a few of her many funny creations below.  You can find her cards and other products at specialty shops.  I love her More…

Get on the Greek Wagon

Saturday, August 28

Why on earth you would reach for the half watered, WAY less protein yogurt is beyond me.  Not only does Greek yogurt provide 23 grams of protein per serving (wowza) but tastes WAY better.  It’s think and creamy texture is not compromised even in the fat free versions.  It’s gluten-free, 3 probiotics, safe for people More…

Next time you’re feeling grumps just turn on this tune by Valeri Lopez.  Not only is her folk banjo cheerful, but the tune will stay with you all day… and who doesn’t want to be happy ALL DAY?!   Her song “Just PB and J Thank You” is just what the doctor ordered… well, I’m More…

I love these mirrors by Adorning AL.  Made with a light-weight acrylic, they are designed for kids decor, letters, mirrors, and mobiles.  What a great reminder the “You are so loved” wall hanging is.  With designs like trees, owls, birds, and vintage cars, your decor won’t be the same at the neighbor next door.

Who doesn’t love the vintage aprons that are so adorable right now?!  Well, your look will not be complete until you have the vintage tablecloth.  These adorable retro table clothes are not only practical when you use oilcloth fabric (because seriously, whose children DON”T spill?!), but are also a great addition for entertaining.  I no More…

Life is a journey through many times, experiences, and relationships. The best photography saves a memory so a morsel of enjoyment—the spirit of those moments—can last forever. This blog will journal some of those moments, memories, and times for the people with whom I have the pleasure to photograph.