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A Letter to My Younger Self


I love gleaming advice and insight from those that have walked the path before me.  Whether I am hearing about things they are glad they did with their families or things they regretted, it helps me evaluated what is important right now.  I initially thought of doing a shoot where the mom gives advice to her younger self, but then I thought, what if we go in the OTHER direction.  What advice would be given to that mom at HER stage in life.
So here we have three of the most beautiful people (inside and out) that you'll ever meet.  They... here

Kaitlyn | Minneapolis Senior Photographer

This all-American, sweet-as-pie girl is equally as nice as she is beautiful.  Her family wanted to add video to her session to be shown at her graduation party (and for memories)!  Some of her friends joined us at the end of her shoot to double the fun.  You can view her video here! here

London Senior Shoot

If you're in high school and you LOVE London then I only see one option.  Head to London!  This Minnesota girl will steal your heart. here

California Bound

Meet Madison.  She's headed for California to pursue all her passions and attend college near Thousand Oaks.  She's a talented actress, dancer, artist, and has an adventurous spirit.  I loved capturing her last few months in the midwest. here

Looking back on 2013 | Minneapolis Creative Photographer

2013, you were a pretty year. You offered sounds of giggles, moments of tears, and lots of hugging. There were weddings with record players, food trucks, and cotton candy. There were family sessions with homemade cookies, bonfires on the lake, and fireworks. We experienced birth video shoots which still make me cry every time I watch them. We also had a few slips in the road... like the time I left my monopod in the pretty field (and haven't seen it since), or the time I forced my girls in the car to "chase the sun" and surely gave them... here

Boats, Trains, and Ice Cream | Minneapolis Family Photographer

This family is beyond kind.  Mom is just as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside and this dad is full of fun.  Capturing their boys was so much fun as we started at the beach, headed for ice cream, and then had a surprise train come by.  What more could little boys want?  This family enjoys the simple pleasures and chooses to be happy in life.  I love when families have sweet reminders around their home of memories they have created together.  This family wanted summer memories captured for just that... some BIG ART for their... here

Creative Session $550


We focus on tell the story of your family in a photographic folk tale way. We want to capture you in your happy place, doing what you love, and laughing with your family. Not only will your session provide you with beautiful (and hopefully BIG) artwork for your home, but with nostalgic memories for your family to look back at in the years and decades to come. We want to capture your real life and love and make your photographs evoke emotion to share with your dearest loves... here

Creative Sessions & Video $850

1-2 hour session, images on DV/flash drive in high resolution fully edited, video of your family/couple telling your story of love.

Everything you love about our creative sessions with the benefit of a home movie feel! Have you ever wanted your life set to music and the ability to watch you and your family loving each other? This is exactly what the creative session with videography will do. We take everything you love about your photo session and add video elements to create a movie you’ll want to watch over and over again (and share with generations to come)! Pass on... here