Katy Hall Photography was featured in Huffington Post’s “Best Wedding Images of the Year.”  Image #22 was shot in Cabo San Lucas.  The wedding was filled with pinterest ideas “gone right” thanks to the uber creative and hardworking bride.  Buzzfeed also featured this image in their “Crucial Items You Need on Your Wedding Day.”  It is an honor to see the image featured!  You can view all their wedding details as it was published on Storyboard Weddings.

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If you’re in high school and you LOVE London then I only see one option.  Head to London!  This Minnesota girl will steal your heart.

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Meet Madison.  She’s headed for California to pursue all her passions and attend college near Thousand Oaks.  She’s a talented actress, dancer, artist, and has an adventurous spirit.  I loved capturing her last few months in the midwest.

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What can be better than a cute little vintage trailer in the middle of a field?  Adding four giggly girls is what is better!  We traveled over the boarder for this shoot.  It was a beautiful sunset evening… we had quilts, hula hoops, and vintage sodas.  I don’t want to forget the moments where their laughter is too loud for them to hear anything else, when having three hula hoops around your waist is better than two, and where skipping is preferred over simply walking.  VIEW THE VIDEO HERE.

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2013, you were a pretty year. You offered sounds of giggles, moments of tears, and lots of hugging. There were weddings with record players, food trucks, and cotton candy. There were family sessions with homemade cookies, bonfires on the lake, and fireworks. We experienced birth video shoots which still make me cry every time I watch them. We also had a few slips in the road… like the time I left my monopod in the pretty field (and haven’t seen it since), or the time I forced my girls in the car to “chase the sun” and surely gave them heart palpitations. But overall, you were wonderful… and here are a few images that captured my heart.

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