Just one look and you’ll know why Kaitlyn and Jon made this photoshoot ridiculously easy.  Within 5 minutes I had 20 amazing images and I wondered how it could get any more adorable.  We started at Bachelor Cafe in the North Loop and then stopped by the new apartments which overlook Target Field.  From there we traveled to a sweet spot with a creek, tall grasses, and an anthropologie quilt just waiting for them.  Their special day will be here before you know it and it’s beauty will not disappoint!

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I love gleaming advice and insight from those that have walked the path before me.  Whether I am hearing about things they are glad they did with their families or things they regretted, it helps me evaluated what is important right now.  I initially thought of doing a shoot where the mom gives advice to her younger self, but then I thought, what if we go in the OTHER direction.  What advice would be given to that mom at HER stage in life.
So here we have three of the most beautiful people (inside and out) that you’ll ever meet.  They shared their hearts, souls, and smiles.  Their shoot was full of laughter and it was easy to see how much they enjoy being together.  Enjoy the special advice they shared.
Things I’d tell my 17 year old self (from Mom, Kirsten)
Be teachable…. Always.Everyone knows teenagers tend to be narcissistic, but wouldn’t it be nice to try not to be?? Giving and serving bring so much more personal gratification.Appreciate your metabolism right now, but it’s not a bad idea to create good eating habits.Working out never gets easier, so do it now and make it a lifestyle!Say thank you to your parents every day, they most likely need to hear it.Breaking trust is never worth it. That’s all.

Stay grounded in the things that actually matter (family, faith, friends, future).

Take time away from the noise. No screens, no music, nothing. Just soak in silence and do a self-check; am I living up to my full potential? Am I being intentional with my friendships? Am I on-track spiritually? Am I seeking Gods will or my own? And then journal the truth.

Never wear clothing trends that don’t suit who YOU are! Stick with something classic and you can’t go wrong!

Don’t ever, ever, ever let your mom perm your hair! Even if it’s the latest trend!!! Chances are, that if God thought you’d look good in curls, He would’ve hooked you up naturally.

Things I’d tell my 47 year old self (From Mom/Grandma, Patti)As overwhelmed  you feel at times, remember, “this too shall pass.”Avoid at all costs processed foods.MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZENo one is perfect, so quit trying to be the exception.Daily stretches are a must, you will enjoy the benefits as you age.  Moisturize.

Spend more time with your mom, when she is gone you will have no regrets.

Don’t take yourself too seriously, “laugh AT yourself, laugh WITH others!”

Nurture your relationship with your husband and friends, the children will be on their own someday real soon.

It is OK and even sometimes beneficial to say “NO”.   (Moisturize!)

Have an attitude of gratitude in every situation.

Allow yourself “time for just you”…..a cup of coffee and a good book do wonders for your well being.


Now I plan to run to the store for moisturizer.

Oh I love photography, however the frequency at which I post to my blog is lacking… love me anyway.  2014 was filled with travel, families, seniors, and weddings.  The year started in London and ended in our new backyard covered in snow with a dreamy “Narnia” feel.  Thank you to the families that book me year after year… I love those little sweet kids, the new families that allowed me to enter the homes and capture their everyday life, the seniors who showed so much bravery, and the couples that say “i do” & danced into the sunset.  I am grateful.  2015 is all about telling your story.  Each session will have unique elements for just your family and include a BIG print to take home for memories in years to come. xoxo



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This all-American, sweet-as-pie girl is equally as nice as she is beautiful.  Her family wanted to add video to her session to be shown at her graduation party (and for memories)!  Some of her friends joined us at the end of her shoot to double the fun.  You can view her video here! seniorshoot postkaitlyn

Anna & Andy prove that even a wedding day that includes rain, can turn out beautiful!  Their ceremony was at St. Olaf college where friends from near and far (BOSTON!) joined us to celebrate.   The sunshine met us at the reception at the Minnesota Boat Club.  😉  The evening was filled with laughter, tears, cheers, and dancing!  Thank you for sharing your special day with me!  e1011 e1014