How can you not love a couple that adores charming houses, vintage toys, Ryan’s homemade cookies, and taking little “Z” to climb trees?!  This shoot started at a vintage soda fountain and ended in our wintery wonderland.  June can’t come fast enough because a food truck wedding at Aria will the the cherry on top!  Watch their sweet video here!


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  1. Papa

    I watched the video and the pictures 2-3 times and they made me cry. How beautiful you guys are, in His image and likeness.

  2. RITA C

    Looking forward to tasting some of Ryan's homemade cookies, too!!! ha, ha, ha

  3. RITA C

    Annie, Ryan, and Zelie: I watched this video and wanted to cry. I felt the love and joy in the pictures and want so much for you all to be happy in your forthcoming married life. I even loved the music. What fun!! Looking forward to sharing in your making a God Life long commitment to each other. Prayers and best wishes for all of you. God is good!! Isn't He?

  4. Nonna

    Treasured moments! The pics. and video's are adorable. No one would ever know that we had to do a quick change in the bathroom, push a car out of the snow and stay warm between shoots. So fun. Love you!

  5. Terry Reasoner

    Annie, Ryan and Zelie: These photos are priceless. Thank you for sharing them. Love, Terry

  6. Kristi Nelson

    Wow, Thank you so much for sharing these with us. You and Ryan look so sweet together, but in all honesty I could see that in your pictures a year ago, your good to and for each other. So happy to see you and Z happy and heading toward your new life with Ryan. Love you guys.

  7. Sandy Douglas

    Annie, these are beautiful..can't wait for your wedding. I am so happy for you...little Z is sooooo beautiful....

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