Nice to meet you!

A few of my favorite things… {vintage} {retro} {memories} {laughter} {flea markets} {flour
of my jeans} {anthropology} {joy} {roller skates} {record players} {matilda jane} {50’s-style
dresses} {simplicity} {typewriters} {etsy} {being intentional} {polka dots} {junk
revolution} {mason jars} {soda fountains} {slow dancing in the kitchen with my
love} {sunshine} {tall stack of books on my nightstand} {nightly bowls of cereal} {looking at old
photographs} {watching home movies} {drive in movies} {folk inspired music}

Hi! My name is Katy Hall and I live in Minneapolis along with my forever-entertaining husband
and four sweet Lulus who provide me with multiple stories and reasons to laugh every day. My
style is vintage inspired folk art to tell the story of your family.

I LOVE to walk into a room and have reminders of joyful memories. I love to remember when
they had chubby thighs, when we laughed so hard it hurt, when they discovered something new,
or when our family was just being. I love my photographs to tell a story, capture a memory, and
create art for your home. I know your familyI know, I LOVE lots of things.

I specialize in a conceptual vintage style of photography. My work is a relection of
what I am thinking & dreaming about. I love creating a visual story that is meaningful to you. I
love the thrill and creativity as we style your session around YOUR STORY.
Life is beautiful, fleeting, amazing.. a blessing. I want to capture the magic of it and hold it close!

– Katy


We are thrilled that you want to contact us. We get excited with each new client and can’t wait to hear what your STORY! Please understand we generally have weddings on the weekends. We will get return your email as soon as we can. We want to create beautiful friendships with swell folks like yourself.